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Md. Abdul Alim

Alim is Research Fellow and Head, Research and Evaluation Unit, Brac Afghanistan. He is a sociologist by training and specializes on issues related to gender, informal justice, local government and human rights and legal services. He holds a Masters degree in Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in the Netherlands. His current research is on empowering adolescent girls in Afghanistan. With Integgra researchers Dr Asadullah and Ms Khatoon, he has been looking at the effects of early marriage of mothers on their children's learning. See also WIDER Blog Post on Child Marriage & Education Gender Gap and research on female learning in Afghan schools.

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Wan Farihah Ahmed Fahmy

Farihah is a candidate for the MSc in Development Studies at the University of Malaya. She is writing her dissertation under Professor Asadullah on gender stereotypes among secondary school children based on her own survey of adolescent girls and boys. She holds a BA in Poliical Science and International Development Studies from McGill University.

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Nudrat Faria Shreya

Nudrat is an economist at Limestone Analytics with experience in empirical economic analysis, gender and financial inclusion and climate change. Presently, she is also a visiting research fellow at the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), Bangladesh. Nudrat has a PhD in Economics from the University of Kent. Prior to that, she was a Commonwealth Shared Scholar at the University of Warwick where she obtained an MSc in Economics. In addition to Limestone projects, she is presently working with Professor Asadullah and Dr Wahhaj on the impact of microcredit on women’s economic participation for a UNU-WIDER project on 'Women's Work: Routes to Social and Economic Empowerment'.

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Kazi Md. Mukitul Islam

Kazi is Asia fellow of Yayasan Khazanah Foundation of Malaysia, a scholarship scheme jointly run with Yunus Center of Grameen Bank. He is also an active member of UN Major Group for Children and Youth (UNMGCY). Kazi’s research interest includes human development, education, migration and minority studies. His current research is on gender stereotypes in secondary school textbooks in South and South-East Asian countries. Kazi holds a first class Hons degree in Development Studies from Dhaka University and is presently a Masters Student at the University of Malaya.

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Fathema Zhura Khatoon

Fathema is a Research Associate at BRAC Research and Evaluation Division (RED). She has previously served as a Manager in BRAC's Gender, Justice and Diversity Programme, and as a research fellow and gender specialist at UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) and BARCIK (Bangladesh Resource Centre for Indigenous Knowledge. Fathema has a Masters in Geography from Durham University, UK. With Integgra researchers Dr Asadullah and Mr Alim, she has been looking at the effects of early marriage of mothers in Bangladesh on their children's learning. See also WIDER Angle Blog Post on Child Marriage and Gender Gap in Education.



Nazia Mansoor

Nazia Mansoor is a scholar with research interests relating to bargaining and decision-making within households in both developing and developed countries. Her previous research looks at the effects of intra-household bargaining power of women on their use of contraception in Bangladesh, household poverty and child labour in Pakistan, and division of domestic work between husbands and wives in the UK. Together with Integgra researchers Drs Asadullah, Wahhaj and Randazzo, she is looking at the drivers and consequences of agency of rural Bangladeshi women in their marriage decisions.” Nazia has a PhD in Economics from the University of Kent, UK.

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Teresa Randazzo

Teresa Randazzo is a Research Fellow at the University of Bari "Aldo Moro" in Italy.  Her main research interests are in the area of Development Economics with a particular focus on migration and remittances. She is also working on a project on inequality of opportunity and social mobility. She was a Research Assistant under the direction of Dr. Zaki Wahhaj on the research project “The Role of Secondary Schooling and Gender Norms in the Long-term Opportunities and Choices of Rural Bangladeshi Women”. Together with Integgra researchers Drs Asadullah, Wahhaj and Mansoor, she is presently looking at the relationship between son preference and female empowerment. Teresa has a PhD in Economics from the University of Kent, UK.

Fahema Talukder



Fahema Pretty Talukdar

Fahema holds an MBA from North South University, Bangladesh. Her area of research is social compliance in Bangladesh’s Ready-made Garment (RMG) factories and social and psychological wellbeing of Bangladeshi Women in the RMG sector.

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Saizi Xiao

Saizi is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya. Her fields of research include development economics, labor economics, and education economics. Her doctoral research deals with issues of gender gaps in the Chinese labor market; returns to human capital (i.e. language skills) and political capital (i.e. Communist Party Membership); emotional and subjective well-being; determinants of fertility; ageing; and policy challenges of middle income trap in the context of China. Saizi holds a MSc. in Economics from the University of Glasgow, UK.





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