Policy-makers and practitioners around the world today readily recognise the integral role of education and gender equality in fostering human and economic development in a society. But facets of these two dimensions of development remain under-researched, with questions that can help design better policy still unanswered: How does improved access to education impact upon gender roles within a traditional society? Does education affect attitudes and beliefs regarding traditional gender roles and subsequent life choices of those exposed to education? Are there investments complementary to schooling that can accelerate social transformation, particularly greater economic participation by women and investment in the health and education of the next generation?

IntEGGrA is a collaborative research initiative among researchers at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom, Malaya University in Malaysia and Brac University in Bangladesh to investigate these questions with a focus on countries in South and Southeast Asia. This website is being developed as a outlet for disseminating the research findings and related articles produced by this research team.

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